Main credits for pictures of skies from

If you wanted to see original pictures to notice brain waves variations, go to this website.

The picture of my eyes were before the making of my skies in order to be taken in pictures.

My portrait on the sky serves as base to "paint" a sky. It's engineering with Ants Computing and the influence of my cloud machine.

Pharaohs were used with scarab parallelism with ants.

I run hard to make my skies, I ask for respect of the story telling of the pictures !

It's an attempt to my private life for the skies to be taken in photography !

I refer to presenting my works about climate influence and human influencies too on my books.

The influence of human is bringing telepathies to skies and the intellectual property of.

Pattern recognition is scaning a cloud and the duality of forces allow us to create skies with dead body forces.

A short story of each skies is involved by the creation of telepathy of a sky.

The whole save lifes reducing airplane crashes : Database